One third of all men kiss well. Another third is capable of learning. The rest is hopeless and should be ignored and left aside.
But what is a good kiss?
If you kiss to loud you produce too much liquid and waking up the parents. If you bite too hard or pressing the lips too much without stimulating enough dopamine, any further steps will end here already.
Most men believe that wild movement with the tongue in the mouth of the opposite is a great kiss. For a great technical correct tongue kiss seventeen muscles are needed. Who kiss a lot can live up to five years longer scientist have found out. So kiss for your life!
Who wants to live forever?
But why are we kissing actually? Today scientist believe that the kiss comes from the old mouth to mouth feeding another theory believes that kissing comes from the oral phase of the child back, which the satisfaction feeling be done via the mouth and of course we also have very sensitive nerves in our lips which also stimulates for more physical body contact. But in some cultures, they do not do the bacteria exchange for the immune system, like in the Arctic, they do the nose Kiss, which you can also see a lot with young lovers who are rubbing their noses at each other.
It’s not just the physical act, it’s also the sign and feeling to belong to someone, a group like a family, because we all know that kissing is just for the people we really like or love. A Prostitute in most cases will not let you kiss her on the mouth but she let you have sexual intercourse with her that means that we believe kissing is more important to us, even a small one, than giving someone our complete body to touch and get even inside.
But why do we also close our Eyes while we kiss each other? In some cases maybe not to see what is in front of us but that is actually a reflex, since if an object comes to close to our eyes we close them for protection reasons, also the senses are more concentrated on the actual kissing event without visual and the Brain can and have to concentrate only on these information. It is also not so nice if you look with open eyes the whole time over the shoulder of your partner or get a close up on his or her nose. If you have your eyes open or look somewhere else the other one will realize that, because you are not fully concentrated on what you should be, kissing her or him with tons of passion, and if you are a man and don’t try to run your hand all over the women while kissing her or at least trying, if you don’t do that, she might think you want to play good guy or you are not a man. So don´t disappoint her and run your hand in all possible areas!
Another big Issue is the first Kiss and what a man thinks and what the woman thinks before, while kissing and after. A woman has already thought about all possibilities of a relationship, Marriage Kids and which color the curtains should have in your new home together. A man just asks himself while kissing the Lady just one thing: Sex now, later or never? With a Kiss his hopes rise to get into the panty of the Lady, if he does not mess it up. Kissing for a man means checking borderlines, how far can I go, where am I permitted to touch?
The women is totally in charge in that matter, if and where else you are allowed to go. If she is really interested in fun for the night, she will go along, if she is not she will let you just kiss and hold her, all other areas are totally restricted and enter the zone will lead to termination of any possible sexual intercourse. How to figure that out, try one time carefully nicely and move down her waist and butt, if this is okay, half a point, the ultimate test is further higher on her body, go sideways along, not too direct, if that’s a go! Full points! Move her, if not already to a location with more comfort! But do not say, come on let’s do it or something like that, don’t make her look cheap or like you just want to use her for fun, the Ladies want to still feel special, no one wants to be a number. I mean that counts for a woman mainly exceptions are a rare case. For men it is only a matter, if they are in a serious relationship from their point of view, for fun they do not care of these Numbers, as longest it happens for them.
Kissing is the start of intimacy, so preserve it for that and don’t make it a cheap nothing, or measurements getting more difficult.
So best close your eyes, while kissing and only open them if you need them to open the complicated Locking system of her Bra!

Artificial Life

Artificial Life

We love to live healthy and want our food to be organic, which is already not matching, since all our food should be basically organic by nature, since metal or plastic would not be suiting to our way of digesting.

But for some reason a carrot with a stamp “Organic” is ten times more expensive than the other carrot, why? What is in the “not organic” Carrot, that it makes it so much cheaper? How is a carrot being raised, the Farmer plants the seed, water it and let it grow, in between he removes all other not wanted plants in between the carrots out and picks each bug from the plants by hand. For the so not organic called carrot, he does it similar, but just puts some chemicals on top, so no bugs and other plants can exist there. As we know from other occasions, everything what is made by hand, is expensive.  Since the “not organic” Farmer does not do so much by hand and need more work forces since machines can be used mostly, the carrot is cheaper, but is it really such a big gap of ten times differences on the price or even more?

Of course not, the Farmer gets the smallest share as usual, the middlemen are getting the most and the huge Supermarkets. I think the biggest earning the supermarkets received in Europe than in the year 2000 the Euro became the official currency and the prices have stayed the same, just the currency have changed, which meant for many to pay more than double the costs for the same product. After lots of protest after a few months the supermarkets returned to the lower prices, but did not return the money taken too much from the customers before of course. Something people  may have forgotten, that a currency change means for most of us, that the Company’s will make use of it and raise the prices, so beware of that Europe, if you want to go back to your old currency again!

Another point comes in, if we talk about organic food, there is no worldwide comparable definition and law, each country declares organic food different with different Labels and different ways to receive these Labels and the control mechanism are mostly just concentrated on the Farmer, but not what happens after that on the way to the Supermarket. Don’t you also wonder about the great quality and vegetable without any marks at all, that is super natural, don’t you think so? But it’s not just that the quality is great and so fresh no matter from where it is imported from, the amount of quantity of available organic food is enormous, as all Farmers in the world saw the sign, and decided to do only natural and organic agriculture production. Yes, I am sure they saw the sign, the Dollar sign. As Consumers we try always to figure out what is good for us, and who got family with small children is even more concerned and of course want to buy the best for his child or children, to avoid getting already with MSG or other ingredients stuffed, before they are seven years old, since after that children at the latest point, eat all food we did not give them than they are younger.

So we buy extra yoghurt, soap, powder Food, which is filled just with extra controlled and prepared ingredients and can be only good. In most cases the Baby Food has lesser Sodium, sugar or other ingredients we feel is not good for baby’s and kids, which is mainly true, but okay for us adults?  But if the kids grow up, they get at the end the same stuff with more Sugar and Sodium, and many don’t check the Label anymore at all, as longest it tastes good. In Restaurants or Food Chains, we do not check at all the Label or even try to figure out what ingredients are used, leaving the hygienic situation of the cook and the kitchen out now, we just want to feel it’s worth the price in an adequate quantity and taste and looks good, because if it looks good it’s eatable. So where is the critical Consumer?

The question popping up here is do we think adults should eat unhealthier than their kids? What is the use if the kids are well brought up and protected with lesser ingredients for double or three times of the price, and at the end we anyway give them all that crap food?

The simple reason why kids eat all the crap food later is not just with the parents, it’s the environment and marketing for this kind of Lifestyle, and if we always eat it as the persons the kids look up to, then of course they want to try it and eat like us.

In Asia and some other countries in the world they offer in the supermarket dirty Vegetables, means with the earth on them as they just been picked out from the garden, not washed, which should make people suggest, that they did not use any chemicals to clean it, which is understandable if you ever have tried to wash a carrot as clean as presented in the Supermarkets around the world just with your bare hands and Water. But is that really better, or did the producer of the carrot just want to save costs washing them, if you buy vegetable you have difficulty to figure out where it comes from, only if you are lucky the country of origin is labelled, but that could be also just the last station before the supermarket, as we know from other food scandals had happen, like the one in Europe with the Horse meat , which travelled via so many places, that even the NSA should have had a problem to locate the base of origin, and the scandal was that it was labelled as Beef instead of Horse meat in the Lasagna you could buy in the Freezer of the Supermarkets to heat up in the microwave. I would say we had worse scandals already; at least the meat was meat and not spoiled. What can you expect for 2.99 Euro?

But what to do, even the organic or baby Food is not always clear where it comes from and what is really in there, since we know that there are always food scandals and baby milk powder is also not always baby milk powder as the Chinese had to discover in one of the saddest scandals, which left many infants dead.

The fact is, that as more unnatural we Humans start to live and settled down, made animals stay with us, feed them to slaughter them later, or get their Milk or skin, plant vegetables and Cereal to always have enough food stored and available around us and invented better and better food conservation techniques, we started to live longer. It is not natural to always have food and Water always available just around the corner. Many of us would already have a problem today, if the super market is out of milk, how to survive? That is a crisis, who knows today how to get the milk by his or her own hand squeezed out of the cow and pasteurize it, to make it drinkable for us without modern machines, which most of us also do not know how to use. Most of us are with other words not capable to survive anymore on their own, if all of a the sudden the supplies stop. Money can’t buy you skills, talents and knowledge.

Since we started to live more and more comfortable, especially since the last hundred years we get much older than before, because we maybe do not realize that the average life expectancy was fifty five years hundred years ago, today it is by eighty six in average which means there is still space to extend. Because we left our Fire place heated Cave and moved into the central heated and Air-conditioned Apartment, with Fridge and electro Stove or Gas, paired with other inventions in medicine and clean environment and endless seeming Food Availability and choice, we live longer. So Artificial Living, did us Humans good, or?

The old people are younger sometimes like their children and healthier as well. In some Senior Residences they have even parent’s evenings. So seems like as longest we eat food, if its real food, we are much longer conserved for this planet, if this is good for the planet environment is another question. Medicine will forgive us our mistakes being unhealthy; since they will keep us going, till our Health Insurance or Credit card terminate service. So the termination date of your life is equal to your termination of credit line, of course depending on your living standard and adaptability.

So enjoy, eating whatever you assume is eatable for you, since this is also a personal and cultural opinion, what does not kill you right away, will not kill you at all, or much later. So don’t worry, that makes you only stressed and stress is bad for consumption.

You also should not think about the fact after having a great Dinner and could not finish everything since it was too much again, that 24 % of the people in the World go still hungry to bed every day. Just throw it again, since it’s sad, since it tasted so good, but you can’t change the world and stop hunger even if you eat it now.  So why the Headache, just continue and enjoy your life as usual, the problems of the world are far away from you and check the Food Labels on more important things like trans-fat and Sugar per mg!

Good, enough of this, it only creates now depressions we don’t want, we want happiness and fun, I will go and have some fatty unhealthy fast Food now, or slow food, not sure what is slow food actually, maybe it’s just slowly served fast food. Since no one has time in our world today for slow food or anything slow, what we really want in our fast world is something stable for some time, which we can hold onto. Let’s keep looking for that!


Can you imagine living without your smartphone? If we look back to the history of the Smartphone the first one was the Simon from Bellsouth and IBM in 1994 and later more known the huge Nokia Communicator, but the big breakthrough came with the IPhone from apple with his touchscreen and applications and services in 2007 paired with huge marketing activities. Before the smart phones, like the Blackberry, have been a status symbol for bankers and other financial industries mainly, and was used to read and write Emails from everywhere, even telephoning was still a function being used.
Since the year 2007 the world has changed, as the world always does, but the difference today is much greater on our social behavior than ever, because smart phones are not used anymore for telephoning, they are used for communication and playing, so they should actually been named smart communicators, so Nokia was right?
Today the people don’t call someone anymore, not even someone particular, they write via the applications they download and send pictures of themselves of what they eat or just do, so that the other people also have a copy, if it would not be enough to share your daily doing via the usual Social Media on the Internet. The Smart phones changed our Behavior on the internet rapidly, since we are now always and everywhere online. We communicate via Social Media while playing games and asking people to become our friend to reach the next Level or beg for Likes with our uploaded Images.
While we are online our real life is offline. We focus on this screen in front of us, and don’t look around us anymore and do not even realize what is happening around us.
A good example is that people in Restaurants, Cafes or Bars, sitting together eating and drinking, but don’t talk directly with each other, instead are busy with looking at their smart phones. I could one time be a witness of an incident I cannot forget. Four young people at around their mid-twenties sitting on the opposite table of me in a café, all looking on their smartphone screens and busy scrolling and typing, than all of a sudden one puts up his head looking and one of his fellows and says: ”I just send you a message.” The fellow friend the voice message was meant to be for, just put up his hand for confirming to receive the audio, without looking at the other friend.
Even in Subways you can hear at the Escalators in some City’s now a female voice saying: “Please mind you’re Step, don’t only look on your mobile phone.” This sentence speaks for itself and where we are going.
Are we losing our Socializing skills? Why do we go out with people or in Cafes and Bars, just to look on our Smartphone and talk via text messages or other Social Media with friends? We can also stay where we are, or?
The Technical advantages are great, if we use them for our benefit, but the question is with all the applications that help us remember things or do things, are we being used by our Technic and not the User anymore, or are we control by our own device?
The Smart Phones, Tablets and other devices help us being always connected everywhere and having no Wi-Fi or internet connection is like being homeless and not existing, because if you have today no Profile on any Social Media Forum, you are an outcast, since not only the young Generation using these devices only anymore, more and more old people have them.
Where ever you go today people are starring on their mobile devices and if an Alien Species wants to brainwash and enslave us, they just have to develop a simple application and connect with the smartphones around the world, so they have control of most of the Human Kind in an easy way. Maybe it already happens, but we just don’t realize it. Controlled by the Media of a shadow Government sounds a bit like out of a Dan Brown Novel, but he was maybe also right about Maria Magdalena, so who knows what else is coming for us.
Like that we miss out maybe the beautiful Females or Handsome men of our sitting there and we don’t talk to them and give our phone number to them. We may be missing already tons of chances since 2007.
Smartphones babysit, and show kids games, videos and more so that the parents have their peace, and the kids learn faster to spread the thumb-index finger, which is actually not a basic combination for us Humans by nature, before they are capable to learn to hold something between their thumb and index finger, which is a basic test for the development of infants, which will be executed at the pediatric around the world.
Kids get easy bored, because they do not know how to play by using their fantasy and imagination, since they only used to touch something which shows them how to play in only this way, with little options to press. But Imagination and fantasy are the things we need for coming forward. What would be our world been worth, if kids don’t dream anymore and we Humans stop to imagine a better world? Bye, Bye Innovation!
If you today sit in a train, bus or other public transportation and read a book, you will find hardly people like you, but you will find tons of people texting, watching Drama’s, or yes also answering Emails on their smart phone or huge easy to handle tablet. We forgot to do nothing sometimes, and enjoy the moment of just being, which helps our Cerebrum to get ideas and put things together to find the missing links in our Brain. To find a solution we are not able to find while we are working on it, but find it while we are day dreaming, doing something else or sleeping.
All the Stress we have in our modern world, is also part of using the technical development wrongly, because before a burnout was just, if you ate the night before too spicy at the Indian Restaurant, than you had next morning a burn out.
Maybe we should try to live one week without any connection somewhere far out, maybe we will realize how much beauty is around us, we seem to rather look at on a small screen, instead of seeing the whole View.

The Dry Vagina

First of all, the Female Vagina is always wet, which will surprise some men now, since they believe they are needed for that purpose, but sorry guys, you are not. The Liquid which keeps the Vagina smooth is called Flour Genitals and protects the Vagina of Pathogens. It is a milky white color liquid. The Liquid produces a vaginal discharge of two to five gram, which is to explain for some male readers the reason why women even not having their ovum explosion time, have to wear thin panty liners. Male Motorbike drivers know what it means to have a wet panty, not a very nice feeling, but Females at least realize it. Male Motorbike Drivers only than it’s too late and it’s more the five gram.
A dry Vagina makes women easier affected for infections and Inflammations. A color change of the Liquid can be the result of inflammations. This leads to the loss of the Libido of the woman and pain while having sexual intercourse. She will have a burning feeling and also itching feeling which is in that case not good.
So guys now listen up! How to make a Vagina wet: Via local physical and psychological sexual stimulation, yes remember the biggest sexual organ of a woman are not her Boobs, it’s her brain, and sometimes also in measurements. Via the right professional stimulation by the man, the other woman or object the blood circulation of the Vagina will be increased. That is important, because the Vagina, surprise does not have own glands. This liquid which will be produced like that is called Transudate, for the interested parties of you. The Transudate will be pressed out of the blood from pores like cleaves into the tissue. (Transudation)
For a smooth gliding process the bartholinischen and skeneschen pores in the vagina atrium, send out a top up, which is the lubrication.
Like that in just seconds the Liquid Level in the Vagina tripled. As you can see, not just men are ready in seconds to move it, also women are.
But what is the reason for a dry Vagina? In most cases it’s a lack of blood circulation, the Menopause which reduces estrogen production, unbalance of the hormones. In this case we talk of the vagina atrophy. The skin will be also more vulnerable and can crack and tear easily. This can also happen especially while pregnancy and Lactation time, also hormones based contraceptive methods can cause the dryness. The list is long and also psychological reasons can be the fault for the Libido loss of a women, same like for a men, which can be caused of scares, stress, nervous, so same like for a man, but also strong reasons like Trauma, sexual abuse and mistreatment and also a strict sexual raising.
With other words it’s not always the man with a problem, against common believe if it comes to the Libido and sexual interaction, also the women has similar problems, sometimes even self-made, with extreme intimacy hygienic. Ladies, soap have nothing to do in this Area down there, the Vagina has a very well self-balanced cleaning system, and normal water and a neutral wash lotion for the outer side to clean in a gentle way is more than enough. Think about what comes in there, and how dirty this thing can be, sometimes you have even no idea where it all have been before, so your Vagina can deal with all that dirt, so no worries!
But Guys, please do not think that you are out of responsibility now, not all women with very dry eyes, mouth and dry vagina have the Sjoergen Syndrome and you should check if she is sick, it could be also that she cried her eyes out cause of you again and you again have not realized it.
Best for you all his to avoid dry sexual intercourse, no nicotine, alcohol, no tampon, glide crèmes, hormone free medication who helps against the dry vagina, baby oil (but don’t combine them with condoms) and if you are in your menopause, more sexual intercourse. Yes, that is correct more sexual intercourse and extend your sexual stimulation phase use phantasies which turn you on more, this can help to get your Libido and Vagina back on track.
So let’s go!

Having Sex Alone – Selfie

This is a Topic we all do not like to talk about so much and feel it’s embarrassing, masturbation. But for most Humans the first sexual experience comes via masturbation and self-stimulation and for some it will always be the only sexual experience.
To masturbate is normal and nothing wrong with it to do it. It is important for all Genders, before the Ladies try to push this Topic only to the men’s corner again. No my dear Ladies, you also do, you just would like to make it look like that only the men are so dirty and always think of sex. Which is partly true, men think more often about sex than women, because nature programmed them like that while women masturbate and think of sex too, but less frequently and depending on the time of the month and their testosterone level as we learned in earlier Chapters. 74% of the women and 90% of the men masturbate like there is no morning, what the others do, no clue, maybe finding themselves first while the rest enjoying themselves already.
What is the difference between men and women if they masturbate? Women also use the internet or their much better equipped Head cinema. Women also react on visual stimulation but lesser than a men. It’s not so much to see the phallus of a man, it’s more the feeling to have one inside. To believe that women touch their breasts the whole time or having a candlelight bath while they masturbate is more out of magazines and movies made for men and their phantasy support. In Real its same way dirty as for men. A woman thinks about different situations with their current partner, like having a session on the club toilette while full bladders banging angry at the dirty door with graffiti and while they banging from the inside back. Women also imagine having sexual intercourse with others, like celebrities or people they would never talk to in real. Women think of situations and things they would never do in real, that’s their stimulation. Women can have several orgasm in a short time like that, while a man is mostly satisfied after one or two times and throws away the Tissue and turns on the TV, if it’s not already on. While Masturbating, Fashion Shows on TV are for men and women the first time equally interesting and beneficial.
Men are more visual so they need to see flesh, magazines are out of date, and that they still exist is a miracle since they leave tracks. No matter what men do not want to be encountered with a female partner who is seeing them getting exiting without them, worse case is the dad but worst is the mom, especially if she continuously tries to tell you after this incident, that it is normal and its okay if you release your little baby’s. To the moms around the world, please just ignore it and never mention it again, any word about it makes it more embarrassing and worse for your son. If you love your Son, do not talk about his masturbation practices! Today the Internet or TV is much more common and cheaper and it also leaves no tracks (Clear your Browser!!!). Same counts for women who also look into these technical possibilities here and then. Men do it more often because they have more pressure by Mother Nature, but also this pressure can be reduced cause of work stress and with the Age. For women medical science figured out that most women stop their sexual appetite while their menopause, but some even get more hungry for the intercourse and even after so many times of marriage the love comes back into their life as if they have not been married at all.
But why do we do that? Not satisfied, no training partner? Some Scientist in the United States of America believes that it’s not a coincident that our hands are hanging just the right height to reach and touch our sexual organs. Nature wants us to masturbate, and its healthy, not just for the potency, also for brain, muscles of course and the prostate. Proven facts are that nature installed this in our instinct to release the stress from us, it makes us all more relaxed after doing it and also teaches us more about our body and what we like to train it first alone, before we talk to our partner and tell him or her how we like it more and to enjoy more together. While via the modern world it is easier to access the right supporting masturbation websites instead of buying magazines or waiting till late night for the suitable TV Program is the masturbation stress from yesterday, but a new problem arises with these new Technical helpers like smartphones and Laptops, the ability to communicate with the real partner. Couples rather use the Internet and Smartphone to fulfil their phantasy then using their real partner, if you are lucky they communicate in a restaurant via text message over their smartphone while checking their Emails. This is really sad, until the Smartphone can also exchange the real partner in all facilities.
So going the wanking path is okay, in Hong Kong there is even a real Street for that and it’s written like Wan King Path, you don’t believe me go and see it for yourself or look it up in the Internet as cheaper alternative!
To have sex by yourself alone is natural and nothing to be worry about, but please also note that too often can also cause skin irritation and a tennis arm, and muscle pain.
Especially women should be gentle since the Area down there is very sensitive and an inflammation on the Clitoris can be really painful while walking.
For men and women masturbation got also a positive factor, after you are done you are for sure satisfied and don’t have to talk or care for anyone else or need to have breakfast with this person. A good phrase for everyone who does not want to have after the sexual intercourse a conversation or Breakfast, please wear your clothes right after the out coming and say: “I am sorry, I have an early Breakfast meeting.”
You see to have a real partner for sexual intercourse can be full of duties, so if you do not want to go this path, go the Wan King Path by yourself!
So hands down!

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a gift to Human Kind, originally established to help victims of accidents to release them from depressions and physical wounds and disfigurements to be able to participate on the normal live of the society with confidents again, which is still the biggest part of plastic surgery and much older than you may believe, but since the modern plastic surgery we talk more about the cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery can do so much more, it helps us that Magazines and TV Shows are only filled with beautiful looking people, and everyone can be beautiful. What for a wonderful world. Okay, I agree, not all people on TV or magazines are looking presentable, but theoretically they could, if they wanted and spend some money for plastic Surgery then on Books or education. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, the stars we love to admire on TV or on shows can be exchanged with another person without notice, so no crying and heartbroken Fans anymore, even the Artistic Skills are same Level in the most cases.
Women get themselves bigger boobs (Breast augmentations), some even smaller (reduction mammoplasty) cause of Back pain, a straighter nose or a snub nose (Rhinoplasty), getting the cheeks higher (Cheek augmentation) to be more female, getting the butt in shape (Buttock augmentation) and what other body part is not main stream suitable.
Men love these women, because they are so perfect, everywhere something to see and touch, but careful please, even if Plastic Surgery builds much more reliable, don’t press to hard! Some women who believe that bigger boobs or cosmetic surgery is all not real and don’t understand why men like that so much haven’t understand men yet. A man does not make a test (Torch Test) or ask for certificates if it comes to an attractive Female, that’s why men also been reported not noticing to kiss an operated ex male, especially with alcohol influence in Thailand often to see and of course other places, because these tall Lady Boys are sometimes better done than any female, so be aware if a too good and sexy dressed lady approaches you to aggressively in a Bar, especially if this usually not very often happen to you, then it could be a Lady Boy and you will maybe regret it later, or show the pictures proudly to your friends, depending on you, and all of you sitting around the pictures of the Lady Boy and saying, I wish a real woman would look like that. But what it tells us is that for a man it’s real enough, if you can see and touch it.
Ladies, a man does not need big Boobs or a sexy squeaking butt of a woman, one of it it’s enough, as longest a man has something to hold on to. So safe the money, and only do 50% of the cosmetic surgery and buy yourself some new shoes, handbags or dress! Anyway you will buy all together suitable to each item, since women buy always shoes there they have nothing suitable to wear with. What does it matter if at the end the usual practice between men and women is to go mouth, boobs, Vagina, sleeping, Smart phone or even leaving? The man will most likely not realize that the shoes are matching to your dress, Hairstyle and earrings, if you want that a man notice your Shoes, you need to hit him with them. Because the eyes of the man don’t look further down then your buttocks, since there is no further need, because there is nothing interesting for him more down the Legs, except he has a foot fetish. Legs are mainly just a barrier for men.
If men decide to go for plastic Surgery, they mainly go for phallus enlargements (Phalloplasty), Liposuction, Abdominoplasty (Removing the One Pack to a Flat six-pack), Body Hair Removal or becoming women. Depending on their likes and what their thinking is closer to females or males. Also men use Breast implants, to have a more muscular looking chest; anyway training would take too long and would maybe never lead to the result cause of lack of persistence.
We Humans are actually lazy butts.
But there is a side effect with cosmetic surgery, because if you find a beautiful man or woman, and think, yes, I am such a lucky guy or girl, the happiness can change if the Child you have together, somehow does not look at all like your Husband or Wife, that can be leading to many issues in normal life situations, if you want to pick up your child from somewhere or are in school and say that you are the dad or the mummy, they may will have doubts that you really are that in the start, and later maybe start to gossip behind your back. But since you are a strong and super confident person, that’s why you did all the cosmetic surgery, it will be no problem for you to handle that, right? But who knows if you would get the man or woman of your dreams with your real Face and Body, and if you don’t tell the other, is that not a relationship builds on a Lie, if you never show your real face, that is already a tuff thing without having a plastic surgery done.


There a positive and negative thinking Vegetarian, the positive vegetarian gets up every day and say: “I love animals, and will today not eat any again!” The negative Vegetarian says: “I hate vegetables, and I will exterminate as much as possible today.”
There are also differences about female and male vegetarian, the female vegetarian will bring to work or school some well-prepared sticks of carrots, cucumber and radish. The Male vegetarian will eat all the side dishes in the canteen, like Potatoes and peas and Carrots with Tofu Sausages.
But why do some people believe that vegetarian live healthier, especially the vegetarian themselves? Why did nature make us an omnivorous animal, if we end up eating only plants and beans? It will be a shocking fact for some vegetarian, but also for meat lover, that we need to eat both, meat and vegetable, because we are made for it and our body needs it. Our developed brain could grow, because of the starting of eating meat, since it is easier to gain access to protein which is needed for the development of the Brain. The Human race started scientifically proven 3.3 Million years ago to eat meat and developed bigger brains, which are still needed sometimes even today, even having all these devices who take over the memory and the thinking.
Three point three million years ago with other words, our Ancestors gave up living mainly on vegetables and berries and focused more on meat, which help them grow a bigger brain. So thanks of the change of their eating habits we can write and read this today and our invented technology can annoy us frequently, without a developed brain and meat, we would not even realize that, if this is an achievement or not everyone can answer by him or herself.
We need the proteins from the meat, to produce energy for our body and the muscle and cell building; we need to eat a lot more mushrooms, nuts and cereal to gain the same amount of protein, as we gain from eating meat. Vegetarian can keep up with meat eater or people who eat vegetable and meat in balance, which is the evolutional way, because only by the ability to eat everything, we could adapt to all kind of Regions in the world. Some Animals are a good example, since if their environment with food supply changes, they would distinct, because you cannot tell the Seadog, sorry fish is out, please eat from now on Penguins, but we Humans could eat a penguin if needed, or just feel like having a penguin today. That is adaption of the environment in a blink of an eye, that is why we are so many today and are nearly everywhere on this planet. Because we can eat and digest nearly everything to fill our stomach, the proof gives many worldwide active Food Chains for this.
To make clear at this point, yes we also can just be vegetarian if we need to for moral, ethical or social reasons. I personally respect that, if someone decides for moral and ethical reasons not to eat Meat, but not for social reasons, like some also do, so that you have to buy extra for these people some Tofu Sausages when you invite them for the Barbecue. But the worse is, you invite friends to Dinner home and they bring their new boy or girlfriend, and then this new boy or girlfriend tells you they cannot eat the potatoes even, because they came too close to the dead oxidized sliced Animal on the plate. One of the Moments in your life you want to get over fast, while you leave your anger on the vegetables on the cutting board, imagine the head of the person sitting in the dining room, who forced you after preparation of a nice Dinner to prepare for him or her an not planned extra dish, since you want to be good tolerant Host. Is it too much to warn in advance, if you are a vegetarian or have some Food Allergy to inform the Host and Cook, if you are privately invited for Dinner or other gatherings with food involved?
I believe these people just need attention, to be special treated.
In our modern world we have serious problems because of the wrong nutrition, resulting of our way of living, working and eating, which leaded to the modern diseases and allergies today, since we sit in the office and move lesser and differently, so our need of nutrition has changed and we need to adapt our eating habits. But we eat too much of one source and at the same time too less of another source, which creates an unbalance. There are different believes and approaches how to eat well balanced to satisfy the needs of our body and lifestyle and cultural environment. Nothing is really proven, only that we have to be an omnivorous Human animal.
To life healthy in our food ways connected world, there we can eat food from around the world in the so called industrial Countries for small money, and the food production is also industrialized, is a challenge, since we don’t hunt the food down personally or plug it ourselves of the ground we know.
We have no choice than to believe and trust in the honest Food Producing Industry, knowing that vegetables are been infested of pesticide and other chemicals and meat is full of antibiotics and sedatives.
Who still gets mad and upset about that just eats to much vegetable.
I also would like to destroy some believe that vegetarian live longer than Meat eater. The Surveys have been done with vegetarian, vegan and moderate vegetarian (who eats also sometimes fish and meat), which is in my eyes a very moderate kind of vegetarian, have been come to the Result that the differences are very little and means with other words, something which we would not have been able to realize without this scientifically survey on 1,904 people over a timeline of twenty one years, that who lives healthy lives longer, no matter if he is a vegetarian, vegan, moderate Vegetarian or a Meat Terminator.
A surprising Result to all of us, so just make sure you get all the nutrition you need from the Food Source of your choice and get happy with it and enjoy it. Forcing a Steak or a Salad leaf into you with a disgusting face makes you not healthier.

Ejaculatio Praecox or Men Fast Sex

This Chapter in Latin is about why men come too fast while having Sex, or in medical Terms Coitus Interruptus. First of all, a man can have an orgasm in three to five minutes, and this is normal. Of course men love to brag how long they can do it, but yes it can be longer and much longer than this, but this depends on different factors, like what kind of woman. No, of course not only, but the woman is a key factor in this, if she makes the wrong move, she should not complain at all!
But there are some serious Illnesses, in medicine we differentiate the Ejaculatio Preacox in prior and secondary.
The Prior appears already with the first sexual experiences of a man, so with other words in his puberty. Symptoms are that he cannot control to come while masturbating or while having sex with a partner, so he comes too fast. Some Scientist in the Netherlands gave Test couples a Stopwatch, or better say gave the woman the Stopwatch. You can imagine that this gives a man less pressure to perform well. So the Result was that, men with Ejaculatio Praecox came after one minute and eighty percent of the men came after thirty seconds. Maybe a bit fast, but time is relative as Albert Einstein already proved, so it’s not the matter what number is standing on the Stop watch, it’s about how long it felt.
For men with the start of forty years, they might have problems to get their Phallus fully hard, so that they need to stimulate the Phallus more, which leads to a faster ejaculation. Cause of all these issues a man can get depressive, because he thinks that he is not a real man, since he cannot satisfy his Partner and that leads to more pressure and worsens the Problem.
Most men who have this Problem try to cure themselves and try all kind of things to come not that fast like, thinking of something else, which makes the Partner uncomfortable, if you look bored around, moving in and out without looking at her. The response is clear, to your problem you get even more from the so sensitive woman: “Seems like your mind is somewhere else, maybe with someone else. You don’t love me anymore. I am not attractive anymore.” And she is crying or shouting at you. You should talk open with her about your Issue and, since women love to be understanding and sometimes want to see a man helpless, you will maybe get what you need, no talking and thinking of something else makes it worse, than rather come faster than losing for both of you the fun in having sexual intercourse.
You can try together breathing techniques like take a deep slow breath in and slowly out, that will reduce your stress and you sex live. That also guarantees that you will not come too fast, more not at all. Sexual Intercourse is nothing to think or time to meditate, just to feel!
So what will help in case of the secondary Case to use maybe Viagra or other Pill which includes the active substance Sildenafil citrate, which mainly is being bought from China? But ask your Doctor if you can use it without Problem, since it also got some Side effects, having a hard Phallus for hours can be a real problem, especially taking to early or if you have to go just to the Restroom, it’s not easy to handle a hard Phallus without messing up the bathroom and then clean with this hard thing the bathroom. All of a sudden you realize that there is a reason, why he is most of a time, what a surprise, and soft and dangling around, if he wasn’t, men would not be able to walk properly. That’s the next side effect, don’t go out after taking it or call the Room Service, you might could get arrested, of course depending on the Country you live in.
Other Effects are bloating which is also not great and could spoil the atmosphere if it all of a sudden smells like on train Toilette, if you have this Problem, always do it in a public Toilette to cover these events, also brings maybe some more excitement into your live.
Viagra also could cause Headaches and Tunnel vision, which is while having sexual intercourse positive and keeps you focused without distraction on what matters to you.
Instead of going for pills, you can also first try to train yourself again, while taking more time while you masturbate. Enjoy yourself and plan it well, put the Tissue Box next to you, turn on a Candle Light and massage yourself gently, don’t watch any Movie or if you are old Style masturbator, no Magazines or Pictures. Just close your eyes and feel, listen to your Body.
I should not watch these meditation DVD’s anymore, has a bad affect.
To change while having sexual intercourse the position can help, but also can reduce the feeling for both, you have to find the right position for both of you.
You have to train your Phallus, and please listen now carefully Ladies to your Surprise it is the Brain, which controls the Phallus of a man, not as always said the other way around. That is way you have to teach your brain again, when to come and when not, because via experiences the nerves change and memorize routine actions. So the cause for coming super-fast is cause of the switching errors in the vegetative nervous system and the Parasymphatikus makes sure that the Level of excitement gets higher and higher, if the highest Level reached the Symphatikus closes the Bladder sphincter and opens the sphincter of the urethra, so the Orgasm comes out and five hundred million Sperms Cells break free. So all this having nothing to do with the woman who is lying there, so if he says he comes so fast, because you are so hot, it’s wrong, even with a ugly woman he takes same time, if he does not come at all, or not even getting an erection, maybe you are too ugly. In this case the question is what did you give him, that he came with you?
So to overcome your Coitus Interruptus, you need to train how you can enjoy with mind and Phallus, to reach your Personal Goal 6 minutes or 10 minutes that’s already more than enough, don’t pleasure the women too much, or they get used to it, so take your Time. Men without Partner can only train with restrictions, so be gentle and nice to your Phallus, he is the only one you have.
One more sentence to the prior Case of Ejaculatio Praecox; medical science does not know much yet about it, but agreed to it that it is a bio psycho social phenomenon. I think that is not arguable.
After all the facts and ejaculation help and only focusing on the men’s problems, while the Ladies again will giggle and say typical men with their small issues. Firstly it’s not a small Issue and size is relative and changes from the point of View, secondly if a man would make fun like that of the orgasm problems of women, you would hang him right away for that and put Viagra underneath so that the pole does not break. At third point, a man got in ninety-nine percent an orgasm while having sexual interaction, no matter with who, while you Ladies……..
Anyway, let’s have a look at the Ladies and help them with their small Issues!

What is Love finally explained

Today we chose our Partner cause of love at least that is the ideal we believe in. That was not always like that, since we just have this romantic image of love and partnership just since the 18th century, before we had little to say who we will make love too and when, because other, so called relatives who wanted the best for us choose the partner we are allowed to marry, but somehow it was not always just for the good for us, it was in many cases in the favor of our relatives. Before some female activist claims that it was so against Women all these arranged marriages, than I would like to point out that not only women suffered, also the men, because they also not always got what they wanted. In unhappy marriages cheating were very common but to be caught doing this could be very bad for the woman, yes okay, women had it a bit more badly at that time.
Why did it still work out at that time, because from our perspective it is totally wrong, cultures that still having arranged marriages are for us ancient and not fitting in our so developed and enlightened world? But it still works. Why I say that, because it is scientifically proofed, Love comes with many contacts and together experienced positive Events, also personal and cultural experience have their impact before we love someone of course, but the first thing we need are again the pheromones which tell us if the suitable DNA for us.
But of course the outlook is important, women should have full lips (Face) and a symmetric Figure, these attributes would promise strong and healthy offspring, as well a high Level of sex hormones.
Men should be reliable with a good social economical standing, since this is important for the rearing. You can see here that all the issues of the Wish list of a woman today are missing, since nature here again just focus on the important things, and socks in a corner, shaving, being faithful, good looking, can cook and cleans the dishes after meal are not essential for the survival of the Species. Nature leaves that to the individual couple to use energy on these Topics and continues focusing on the important stuff.
But before getting to my Theory of why arranged marriages still work, lets first have a look at the different kind of Love we should differentiate; the love between mother and child and the romantic love.
We look first on the romantic love as we call it, which in most cases have nothing to do with romance as you will see, sorry Ladies, Science is very straight forward.
To understand my theory you have to first know how love comes to us and where love actually is happening, in our Head.
What happens when we fall in love is a numerous of neurotransmitter moving in our Body. We all know about testosterone and estrogen, but we miss the other ones who are the cause to get there, till it’s getting physical and desperate.
We meet someone in a club, the first thing we notice are his or her dancing skill and Form of the Body, we go closer for a proper check up and start to smell the other person like dogs do as well, to figure out the other one, in some cases quite exactly like Dogs, in Dance Clubs as an example, since you have to come closer in a rhythmic moving way, and to communicate verbally you need to come super close to understand or act you understand what the other person says to you, mostly the answer comes with a smile or a turning around by the other person, depending on the interest and suitable smell, since via these loud music it makes it possible to come close to the other Gender to take a deep breath of the Pheromones. So that the other person turns away or comes closer, does not have anything to do with what you said. You could just say: “Hi!” and the effect would be the same, maybe also better than trying to say something smart or special, just “Hi” is plain and good for the start. The reason why the other side maybe agrees is just your smell outlook and estimated Social economic Status if you are a man, and if you are a woman and approached the guy just comes closer, cause of your full Lips and symmetric Figure and maybe the fact that you came to him and look like an easy target for him, but that is not scientifically proven.
While you two are busy trying to look like professional Dancer your Thalamus is filtering in your prefrontal Cortex, which feelings should be saved on the hard drive. For who is not knowing what I am talking about, this is in the Brain or also called Cerebrum. But it moves on, the Hypothalamus send chemical Messengers out, while the limbic system is responsible for the first feelings of familiarity and the falling in love.
While you start slightly touching each other and smile like horses with Overbite, other Neurotransmitter guide dopamine and others forward, cause of the teasing of the nervous system, caused by the touching of the reachable skin of each other.
If you two continue the body will send out Adrenalin and you get nervous and maybe get wet at your hands and other body parts. It also makes your Heart beat faster, which you believe is a special sign for that is now the moment you waited for. Thanks to Serotine you will have the Happy feeling and to now get to the final stage we all are waiting for, the body needs to raise the Level of estrogens and testosterones so that we getting desperate to get something into the other or get something in. But it been noted that in some cases everything is over before that happens, and the man feels bad and the woman says it’s okay, but actually is frustrated, and regrets that she left with the wrong guy. The chances of a second chance are as low as finding Water in the Desert, except you can manage it in the same night right after, to make up for it. Then it would be taken as a super excitement fast shot in History. If not, wear back your clothes, shake hands with each other and leave the place of disappointment!
In Case all went fine and he or she does not leave right after the Mission is completed for him or her with the Sentence: “I have an early Breakfast meeting.” You can have with him or her Breakfast, and if you still see each other after that again and again, Nor Adrenalin helps you to get in this Blind fresh Lover Feeling that everything is possible and you can do it. It keeps the mood up and it’s stimulating the Hormones of the Hypothalamus, which sends out the faithful Hormones Oxytocin and Vasopressin.
These two are also the base of the Mother Child love and Oxytocin is also in the mother milk, which makes both happy and comfortable while the little one is sucking at her Nipples. Before some men get the wrong impression, if you do the same to a woman, it might has the opposite reaction if not done right and she is not yet stimulated enough, except she is having Breast Milk, than enjoy Drinking!
As you can see, love is all about stimulating the right bio chemical reactions, nothing to do with romance, but what romance actually means is to stimulate with actions, words and care these chemical processes.
That’s why also an arranged marriage can still work after sometime, because if we are forced to be with someone so close the whole time out of anti-feelings arising pro feelings if the other one just does some small things for us, and out of this more grows. At the end with physical interaction and more familiarity love will step up and out of an arranged marriage a marriage with the same love than other marriages appears.
Of course it will disappear like in every other Marriage if one side or both stop stimulating their Hormones.
Also said, who keeps his hand in a relationship to long just with him or herself, should not wonder if the partner is gone with someone else!

Bra’s and Hair Saloons

Not everything is how it seems. This sentence must have come from a man who opens a bra for the first time. Bras have changed since their invention a lot, they have been in Spike Form and later they became more round and also unpredictable. Women can hide so much behind them and change their appearance towards the men. All men know this, you meet a wonderful beautiful lady and all goes smooth and the first time you have the permission to open the bra, you face following issues:
You cannot open it at the back and you do not have the Index-thumb Technic skill. Reason could be that either you are not experienced enough, to nervous or excited, careful with this one, or it’s a sports bra or worst case a front opener which makes men look like idiots trying to open it with two hands, while she is watching you focusing desperately to open it.
If you could manage it you wonder what happened, where is the rest? It looked like more behind it. Welcome to the world of Wonder bra, always a surprise. The Problem is you cannot sue the Bra Company for wrongly advertising as well not the lady who wearing it or asking for an exchange.
So you have two choices at that moment, bear with it and continue, or leave and look for a new surprise with new effort which maybe leads to the same Result or Worse. Most men are quite convenient friendly and stay with what they have.
But why are men so after what is hidden in or behind the Bra of a woman? Actually it is for Baby’s, but I agree men and babies both love to play with them. From Biological perspective women do not need these big Breasts, especially if they have no fresh offspring to take care of. That is also the reason, why if a woman wants to lose weight the body will lose first at parts where a fat reserve is not necessary, so the breasts loose first, funny part is that women don’t want to lose the volume at that point as well. But I am sorry Ladies that is nature.
But why do human female wear a bra, just for creating illusions for the men? Since we started to walk on two legs big breast caused back pain for women, so they started to put them in clothing to support and throw the time and cultures we have different position holding systems for the female breasts. Since around hundred years the bra is existing and gave the more efficient and comfortable support for the women to release them from Back pain. Actually science till now is arguing why some women have big breasts and some have smaller. It is for sure that the size of the female breast got nothing to do with the capability of a women to feed the offspring. But why the breasts of a women are nicely rounded got a reason. Since we humans have a more flat face, the breasts need to be more rounded up to avoid that the baby will not suffocate while drinking. Big breasts of women show that these women produce more estrogen, but that also means that these women produce lesser testosterone which would stimulate to more sexual activity. Maybe that’s why smaller breast are more in favor for some men.
The reason why men are so attracted of the female breasts is evolution. We all know that our Ancestors are Apes and that Apes attract with their butt. Some even in a very shining red colour. Now you might say that we are also attracted to the Butt of the other Gender, men and women equally, but why breasts as well is the butt not enough, anyway the main reproduction process happens down in that Area. Because we humans started to walk up straight on two legs, so all of a sudden the butt of the other Gender was not anymore in our face while we walking on four excrements behind each other. So Nature had to come up with something new to attract which is easier to access for the eyes of a man. So Nature decided to grow the female breasts and in case a man would not see them nature kept the butt as secondary attraction point.
Thanks to nature there is much more variety, but why in versus versa nature did not give men a similar second attraction point for the women is maybe only explainable that at that time there was no equal rights for women yet established.
But after a man has accomplished to find the right partner he is happy with, new dangers are in the air who can give him unexpected surprises. If the Girlfriend, Wife or Lifetime partner of a man says that she will go to the Hair salon and will only trim the hair a bit, the man is in fear. Because Hair Stylist or Hair Designer how some of them call themselves today, misunderstand that creativity and good looking do not have to be two different things They use their influence and the lack of self- confidence of their Victim to try out new “Styles” which are the latest fashion in Places they have never been. While a man changes his Hair Style only if nature forces him to do so, women do that every time they feel like, without any need. If the woman comes back with her new Hair Style the man hardly can recognize his former Partner and in worst cases, does not even open the Door for this Stranger or opens it and says: ’Sorry, but my Girlfriend or Wife can come back anytime, just leave your number and I call you!” If you are clever you can act as it was meant as a joke, but to get around that you think she does not look like her anymore, is even more difficult and you have to give a lot of foot massages to make up for that again.
In other cases, fifty percent of men do not even realize that their lady changed anything or has been to the Hair salon, which makes the women annoyed since she spend hours and hundreds of Dollars to look like that, just for him and in rare cases also for herself. Same applies for Nails and facials or other pseudo cosmetic treatments.
An Advise to the women here; if you plan to do an radical change of your Hairstyle or other body parts, please consult first your boyfriend, Husband or Lifetime partner before taking any action, this would prevent embarrassing situations for both sides, and gives the man time to prepare mentally for what is coming. Anyway no harm for you, since most of men will give in or tell you just do what you want, its fine for me, as longest they don’t have to pay the Bill for it and can continue drinking their beer and watch TV. I am aware that women might say that it’s their body and they can do what they want with it and how they feel like, but women on the other hand like to comment the style, dress and appearance or their man, so it’s just equally fair that in a relationship mayor changes in the outer appearance have to be discussed.
An Advise for men at this point here, please avoid sentences like that to your Lady: “For that you paid so much?” And be prepared that she will never tell you how much it really has cost for this creation. Just tell her, no matter what: “You look amazing.” So she is happy and you have your peace. Anyway you can’t change anything anymore, so why making more trouble.