Who is Dirty Peter?

Name: Dirty Peter

Age: 33

Marrigial status: Divorced (3 times)

Kids: 2 (official numbers only)

Profession: senior surgeon

Nationality: Found between Italian and Austrian Border

Early Childhood:

There is not much known about the birth or origin of Dirty Peter, there are only rumors and legends the people of the small village at the border to Italy tell each other about Dirty Peter. Some say all the Legends about Dirty Peter are true. His first name; Dirty he received then …

He was found about 3 years old in the woods by some rabbit hunters, who brought him to the local urologist. The lonely urologist saw with his professional expertise that this orphan boy was something special, and raised him and taught him all he knew about life, humans and women.

He also gave him his second Name; Peter. After the great Austrian Entertainer, Singer and Actor Peter Alexander.

Dirty Peter enjoyed a childhood full of love, with lots of beautiful nature and “Lederhosen”, which Dirty Peter later said that they been very useful then he came into puberty.

He enjoyed climbing mountains and watching them like the Wildspitze and Alpi Venoste, a passion he still continues.

At home he spoke German and English and got shouted at in Greek and Latin, which made these kind of dead languages the most spoken once in the Region. Proper German and English he could develop later in Kindergarten and School then the teacher was not there.

But Dirty Peter seemed to have learned a language skill, which was most advanced, and made him able to leave delicate situations always on time, to be unharmed; Body Language. The closeness and exchange with the Italian Border helped him to become even more skilled. This skill, some villagers believe he have learned long before he was found in the woods.

Teenager Times

Puberty was a great change and made many things finally more useful for Dirty Peter. But also more complicated. To use his knowledge and new physical abilities he needed to change. It was time to wash and look presentable.

No one recognized him after he cut his hair, showered and wearing finally the shirt and pants the urologist have always bought him. He was SUPER … clean.

He realized how everyone in the village turned around to him then he was walking clean and nicely dressed with his wellington Boots through the village to school. He knew, it’s time to put theoretical knowledge and theories to practice.

Based on his experiences while he was a Teenager Dirty Peter decided to increase and deepen his knowledge of anatomy, with the proud support of his urologist.

(Adult) Times

After he finished school he went to the university to study medicine in Germany with some exchange times in Asia.

He became a great surgeon, as he is saying himself and via his experience in life and his profession he started writing about the really important things of humanity.

The start of the Blog of Dirty Peter.