Best German Invention

I believe most of the world will agree that many inventions have been made in Germany or by Germans. But there is one Invention, which might not got praised enough, since we will only realize the full benefit of this German creation at a point in life there some are close to have a mental breakdown or become alcoholics.

This invention made in 1779 by Johann Friedrich Oberlin and Louise Scheppler and founded in Strasbourg changed the life positively of billons of people around the world till our present time. Even the original German name became international used and known till today.

The Kindergarten. Only Parents realize its full value. And every parent reading this will just heavily agree to this statement.  For all others, it is needed to explain a bit why this is so.

Then two Youngster decide, it’s so great to be with each other, they not only think to maybe just have sexual intercourse continuously and enjoy their life, no they think to get married, with a great celebration and having a baby or two or, god yes they are existing, even more babies.

The reason for that is simple, these two humans are too young to know and under the influence of pheromones and hormones, which blinding them to check before moving. Plus babies sleeping in the cart, trying to eat with all excrement’s of them looks so cute. Even a few times babysitting cannot get you the deeper understanding what  is really happening if you are 24 Hours alone with this little Human of you and your loved ones genetically mix.

Your sunny love relationship is for sure over, if the first offspring of yours is out of the female body. Yes, all are happy that pregnancy is over and the difficulties are done, and the man thinks he can have sexual intercourse soon again, which might be like that, but, the difficulties have just started and all before you faced in life was nothing compare to that.

But they are so cute and look like Angels then they are sleeping. Did you ever think about why everyone is saying that about babies and children? Because, it’s quite. They don’t ask for anything while they are sleeping. Mommy and Daddy can go have a shower, eat and drink, sit peacefully or even sleep. Because to sleep, rest or having your own time is what is the most valuable thing for a young mummy or daddy will be. If the baby sleeps for a few hours through especially at night then everyone else sleeps, its perfect be happy and grateful. But if not, you will be happy for some rest.

Now imagine that like in traditional way the daddy works and the mommy is alone at home with this demanding little human who wants all her attention. Now the Daddy comes from work, and cannot understand, based on his not being present, why it is so difficult and why his Wife has no mood for anything what before they both enjoyed together so much and much more often.

This can continue with some changes in demand and progresses for sure for 2-3 years. No personal life till Kindergarten.

Please don’t get me wrong, Kindergarten is mainly for the children, but it is good for both sides, since in our modern world the stress level is already so high up, that the Kindergarten in many surveys is one of the most supportive and beneficial institutions for parents. It releases the parents from their duty for some hours a day and make them capable to continue in a nice manner their parenthood. Good for children and their parent’s development.

In some states and cities in Germany the Kindergarten is even free of charge or sponsored, so that everyone can get his children into the Kindergarten.

Thank You Germany. The Parents around the world say thank you.

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