Crème on the skin

Not too long ago, there was a crème, a crème for all. It was a big pot standing in the bathroom and everyone dipped his fingertip or hand in it to take a share of this thick fatty white crème.

But things have changed. The generous sharing of crème has vanished based on more individualism in crème usage. The Reason is not based on hygienically reason as you would might expect. The Reason is that the crème producers realized that we all are different, and we all been shocked by these findings ourselves and got for each of us our personal crème pot.

In the start the Producers of crème concentrated on female humans, baby’s and kids, since they are so sensitive and full of wrinkles. The special crème moisturize their skin and makes it smooth as silk. That’s a good thing, who like to touch a female which feels like touching or moving over sandpaper. Another good thing was that the basic of all this crème was the old basic white fatty crème. Good for the producer, since he just could add something which made it different…

But before you can touch a female human, you need to look at one, preferably in the face, and if this is not good enough to look at, you try to find other points which are more attractive, if still this is not getting to a sufficient result, the crème producer found a reason for it. Crème for every single part of the female anatomy. And I mean really for all parts, not even the face is just the face, since according the crème producer anatomy, the eyelids and lips are to be seen separate from the face and need their own special crème. Therefor it’s necessary to mark and structure the body in borders, till where which crème should be used to avoid wrong effects.

But before putting each crème in the intended area, each region need to be prepared for the crème. Simple washing or rinsing with water is not good enough. A special wash-gel or serum, cleanser and others are needed before you can put the crème on the spots. Only than the promised effects can be achieved.

This procedure need to be repeated based on the time of the day minimum 2-3 times, since our skin needs different crème and treatment in the morning and overnight. Except you have a shower, than you can crème yourself already while having a shower, great, finally winning some time back.

This means that thanks to the crème producers educating us regarding treating our skin properly, females spend longer than ever in the bathroom, to avoid the plastic surgeon or reality…

But the worse is still coming women and first of all the crème producing industry demand now also based on the findings that men are even more different, to have special crème for men.  This also is to prevent men to steal crème from their mother, girlfriend or wife crème, which they most of the time would use for their hand regardless how big the pot is and if it’s for a total different area meant to be.

Men need special skin care: for the real man, the really rough man and the ultimate man as an example. Anyway which man would buy a pink crème pot with butterflies and flowers on it? The printed letters “For Men” makes the difference to buy crème. Men do not read the ingredients like women on the crème pot. With other words, if the crème producers are a bit naughty, they could just put the same basic crème in the “for men pot” and no man would realize. If that would work also for females?

The basic for sure is the same, as it is for medical crème as well.

Yes it is proven, that basic crème with herbs can help in case of dry skin as an example, but does it make the skin younger, removes wrinkles, would be a little medical miracle.

But with the crème it’s like with placebo, believe it helps and it will.

The Marketing of the crème producing industry help us to fulfill the bathroom with different kind of products for all areas of the body. You have to admit that they have been successful and if one Celebrity brings out his or her own crème, it will be sold out for sure in all stores, because even Teenager start to be concerned about their skin, even if their renewal based on their young cells should be the least to worry.

Crème has also inter human relation benefits, because creaming the partner brings you closer and can help the demographic situation in your country.

Crème is part of our modern social society.

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