Can you imagine living without your smartphone? If we look back to the history of the Smartphone the first one was the Simon from Bellsouth and IBM in 1994 and later more known the huge Nokia Communicator, but the big breakthrough came with the IPhone from apple with his touchscreen and applications and services in 2007 paired with huge marketing activities. Before the smart phones, like the Blackberry, have been a status symbol for bankers and other financial industries mainly, and was used to read and write Emails from everywhere, even telephoning was still a function being used.
Since the year 2007 the world has changed, as the world always does, but the difference today is much greater on our social behavior than ever, because smart phones are not used anymore for telephoning, they are used for communication and playing, so they should actually been named smart communicators, so Nokia was right?
Today the people don’t call someone anymore, not even someone particular, they write via the applications they download and send pictures of themselves of what they eat or just do, so that the other people also have a copy, if it would not be enough to share your daily doing via the usual Social Media on the Internet. The Smart phones changed our Behavior on the internet rapidly, since we are now always and everywhere online. We communicate via Social Media while playing games and asking people to become our friend to reach the next Level or beg for Likes with our uploaded Images.
While we are online our real life is offline. We focus on this screen in front of us, and don’t look around us anymore and do not even realize what is happening around us.
A good example is that people in Restaurants, Cafes or Bars, sitting together eating and drinking, but don’t talk directly with each other, instead are busy with looking at their smart phones. I could one time be a witness of an incident I cannot forget. Four young people at around their mid-twenties sitting on the opposite table of me in a café, all looking on their smartphone screens and busy scrolling and typing, than all of a sudden one puts up his head looking and one of his fellows and says: ”I just send you a message.” The fellow friend the voice message was meant to be for, just put up his hand for confirming to receive the audio, without looking at the other friend.
Even in Subways you can hear at the Escalators in some City’s now a female voice saying: “Please mind you’re Step, don’t only look on your mobile phone.” This sentence speaks for itself and where we are going.
Are we losing our Socializing skills? Why do we go out with people or in Cafes and Bars, just to look on our Smartphone and talk via text messages or other Social Media with friends? We can also stay where we are, or?
The Technical advantages are great, if we use them for our benefit, but the question is with all the applications that help us remember things or do things, are we being used by our Technic and not the User anymore, or are we control by our own device?
The Smart Phones, Tablets and other devices help us being always connected everywhere and having no Wi-Fi or internet connection is like being homeless and not existing, because if you have today no Profile on any Social Media Forum, you are an outcast, since not only the young Generation using these devices only anymore, more and more old people have them.
Where ever you go today people are starring on their mobile devices and if an Alien Species wants to brainwash and enslave us, they just have to develop a simple application and connect with the smartphones around the world, so they have control of most of the Human Kind in an easy way. Maybe it already happens, but we just don’t realize it. Controlled by the Media of a shadow Government sounds a bit like out of a Dan Brown Novel, but he was maybe also right about Maria Magdalena, so who knows what else is coming for us.
Like that we miss out maybe the beautiful Females or Handsome men of our sitting there and we don’t talk to them and give our phone number to them. We may be missing already tons of chances since 2007.
Smartphones babysit, and show kids games, videos and more so that the parents have their peace, and the kids learn faster to spread the thumb-index finger, which is actually not a basic combination for us Humans by nature, before they are capable to learn to hold something between their thumb and index finger, which is a basic test for the development of infants, which will be executed at the pediatric around the world.
Kids get easy bored, because they do not know how to play by using their fantasy and imagination, since they only used to touch something which shows them how to play in only this way, with little options to press. But Imagination and fantasy are the things we need for coming forward. What would be our world been worth, if kids don’t dream anymore and we Humans stop to imagine a better world? Bye, Bye Innovation!
If you today sit in a train, bus or other public transportation and read a book, you will find hardly people like you, but you will find tons of people texting, watching Drama’s, or yes also answering Emails on their smart phone or huge easy to handle tablet. We forgot to do nothing sometimes, and enjoy the moment of just being, which helps our Cerebrum to get ideas and put things together to find the missing links in our Brain. To find a solution we are not able to find while we are working on it, but find it while we are day dreaming, doing something else or sleeping.
All the Stress we have in our modern world, is also part of using the technical development wrongly, because before a burnout was just, if you ate the night before too spicy at the Indian Restaurant, than you had next morning a burn out.
Maybe we should try to live one week without any connection somewhere far out, maybe we will realize how much beauty is around us, we seem to rather look at on a small screen, instead of seeing the whole View.