Having Sex Alone – Selfie

This is a Topic we all do not like to talk about so much and feel it’s embarrassing, masturbation. But for most Humans the first sexual experience comes via masturbation and self-stimulation and for some it will always be the only sexual experience.
To masturbate is normal and nothing wrong with it to do it. It is important for all Genders, before the Ladies try to push this Topic only to the men’s corner again. No my dear Ladies, you also do, you just would like to make it look like that only the men are so dirty and always think of sex. Which is partly true, men think more often about sex than women, because nature programmed them like that while women masturbate and think of sex too, but less frequently and depending on the time of the month and their testosterone level as we learned in earlier Chapters. 74% of the women and 90% of the men masturbate like there is no morning, what the others do, no clue, maybe finding themselves first while the rest enjoying themselves already.
What is the difference between men and women if they masturbate? Women also use the internet or their much better equipped Head cinema. Women also react on visual stimulation but lesser than a men. It’s not so much to see the phallus of a man, it’s more the feeling to have one inside. To believe that women touch their breasts the whole time or having a candlelight bath while they masturbate is more out of magazines and movies made for men and their phantasy support. In Real its same way dirty as for men. A woman thinks about different situations with their current partner, like having a session on the club toilette while full bladders banging angry at the dirty door with graffiti and while they banging from the inside back. Women also imagine having sexual intercourse with others, like celebrities or people they would never talk to in real. Women think of situations and things they would never do in real, that’s their stimulation. Women can have several orgasm in a short time like that, while a man is mostly satisfied after one or two times and throws away the Tissue and turns on the TV, if it’s not already on. While Masturbating, Fashion Shows on TV are for men and women the first time equally interesting and beneficial.
Men are more visual so they need to see flesh, magazines are out of date, and that they still exist is a miracle since they leave tracks. No matter what men do not want to be encountered with a female partner who is seeing them getting exiting without them, worse case is the dad but worst is the mom, especially if she continuously tries to tell you after this incident, that it is normal and its okay if you release your little baby’s. To the moms around the world, please just ignore it and never mention it again, any word about it makes it more embarrassing and worse for your son. If you love your Son, do not talk about his masturbation practices! Today the Internet or TV is much more common and cheaper and it also leaves no tracks (Clear your Browser!!!). Same counts for women who also look into these technical possibilities here and then. Men do it more often because they have more pressure by Mother Nature, but also this pressure can be reduced cause of work stress and with the Age. For women medical science figured out that most women stop their sexual appetite while their menopause, but some even get more hungry for the intercourse and even after so many times of marriage the love comes back into their life as if they have not been married at all.
But why do we do that? Not satisfied, no training partner? Some Scientist in the United States of America believes that it’s not a coincident that our hands are hanging just the right height to reach and touch our sexual organs. Nature wants us to masturbate, and its healthy, not just for the potency, also for brain, muscles of course and the prostate. Proven facts are that nature installed this in our instinct to release the stress from us, it makes us all more relaxed after doing it and also teaches us more about our body and what we like to train it first alone, before we talk to our partner and tell him or her how we like it more and to enjoy more together. While via the modern world it is easier to access the right supporting masturbation websites instead of buying magazines or waiting till late night for the suitable TV Program is the masturbation stress from yesterday, but a new problem arises with these new Technical helpers like smartphones and Laptops, the ability to communicate with the real partner. Couples rather use the Internet and Smartphone to fulfil their phantasy then using their real partner, if you are lucky they communicate in a restaurant via text message over their smartphone while checking their Emails. This is really sad, until the Smartphone can also exchange the real partner in all facilities.
So going the wanking path is okay, in Hong Kong there is even a real Street for that and it’s written like Wan King Path, you don’t believe me go and see it for yourself or look it up in the Internet as cheaper alternative!
To have sex by yourself alone is natural and nothing to be worry about, but please also note that too often can also cause skin irritation and a tennis arm, and muscle pain.
Especially women should be gentle since the Area down there is very sensitive and an inflammation on the Clitoris can be really painful while walking.
For men and women masturbation got also a positive factor, after you are done you are for sure satisfied and don’t have to talk or care for anyone else or need to have breakfast with this person. A good phrase for everyone who does not want to have after the sexual intercourse a conversation or Breakfast, please wear your clothes right after the out coming and say: “I am sorry, I have an early Breakfast meeting.”
You see to have a real partner for sexual intercourse can be full of duties, so if you do not want to go this path, go the Wan King Path by yourself!
So hands down!