Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a gift to Human Kind, originally established to help victims of accidents to release them from depressions and physical wounds and disfigurements to be able to participate on the normal live of the society with confidents again, which is still the biggest part of plastic surgery and much older than you may believe, but since the modern plastic surgery we talk more about the cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery can do so much more, it helps us that Magazines and TV Shows are only filled with beautiful looking people, and everyone can be beautiful. What for a wonderful world. Okay, I agree, not all people on TV or magazines are looking presentable, but theoretically they could, if they wanted and spend some money for plastic Surgery then on Books or education. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, the stars we love to admire on TV or on shows can be exchanged with another person without notice, so no crying and heartbroken Fans anymore, even the Artistic Skills are same Level in the most cases.
Women get themselves bigger boobs (Breast augmentations), some even smaller (reduction mammoplasty) cause of Back pain, a straighter nose or a snub nose (Rhinoplasty), getting the cheeks higher (Cheek augmentation) to be more female, getting the butt in shape (Buttock augmentation) and what other body part is not main stream suitable.
Men love these women, because they are so perfect, everywhere something to see and touch, but careful please, even if Plastic Surgery builds much more reliable, don’t press to hard! Some women who believe that bigger boobs or cosmetic surgery is all not real and don’t understand why men like that so much haven’t understand men yet. A man does not make a test (Torch Test) or ask for certificates if it comes to an attractive Female, that’s why men also been reported not noticing to kiss an operated ex male, especially with alcohol influence in Thailand often to see and of course other places, because these tall Lady Boys are sometimes better done than any female, so be aware if a too good and sexy dressed lady approaches you to aggressively in a Bar, especially if this usually not very often happen to you, then it could be a Lady Boy and you will maybe regret it later, or show the pictures proudly to your friends, depending on you, and all of you sitting around the pictures of the Lady Boy and saying, I wish a real woman would look like that. But what it tells us is that for a man it’s real enough, if you can see and touch it.
Ladies, a man does not need big Boobs or a sexy squeaking butt of a woman, one of it it’s enough, as longest a man has something to hold on to. So safe the money, and only do 50% of the cosmetic surgery and buy yourself some new shoes, handbags or dress! Anyway you will buy all together suitable to each item, since women buy always shoes there they have nothing suitable to wear with. What does it matter if at the end the usual practice between men and women is to go mouth, boobs, Vagina, sleeping, Smart phone or even leaving? The man will most likely not realize that the shoes are matching to your dress, Hairstyle and earrings, if you want that a man notice your Shoes, you need to hit him with them. Because the eyes of the man don’t look further down then your buttocks, since there is no further need, because there is nothing interesting for him more down the Legs, except he has a foot fetish. Legs are mainly just a barrier for men.
If men decide to go for plastic Surgery, they mainly go for phallus enlargements (Phalloplasty), Liposuction, Abdominoplasty (Removing the One Pack to a Flat six-pack), Body Hair Removal or becoming women. Depending on their likes and what their thinking is closer to females or males. Also men use Breast implants, to have a more muscular looking chest; anyway training would take too long and would maybe never lead to the result cause of lack of persistence.
We Humans are actually lazy butts.
But there is a side effect with cosmetic surgery, because if you find a beautiful man or woman, and think, yes, I am such a lucky guy or girl, the happiness can change if the Child you have together, somehow does not look at all like your Husband or Wife, that can be leading to many issues in normal life situations, if you want to pick up your child from somewhere or are in school and say that you are the dad or the mummy, they may will have doubts that you really are that in the start, and later maybe start to gossip behind your back. But since you are a strong and super confident person, that’s why you did all the cosmetic surgery, it will be no problem for you to handle that, right? But who knows if you would get the man or woman of your dreams with your real Face and Body, and if you don’t tell the other, is that not a relationship builds on a Lie, if you never show your real face, that is already a tuff thing without having a plastic surgery done.