The start of Civilization

What made us change from wandering around the world following the food resources where we could see everyday something new and exciting, to the one who is sticking to one place, but not to one partner (in some cases of course the opposite). Did we become lazy? Why did the hunter put aside his wonderful adventurous life to exchange his bow and arrow for a pecker? The answer is: barley.
Archaeologists found in old Mesopotamia rest of barley fields who could be found in all the first settlements of that Mankind. So why did they plant barley, since everyone knows who been in one of these eccentric organic shops for a better me and world that barley is not a great basic for bread or regarded as enjoyable to eat.
Barley is not a good ingredient to make eatable stuff, but very good for drinkable stuff so called alcohol. So the basic of our civilization is alcohol. So we settled down because we could not get up anymore? Makes totally sense for me, alcohol gave the basic for socializing and the consequences of it, reproduction and trouble.
This has not change till today. Alcohol is a drug which is accepted in all circles of society in different Forms. As a Smoker you always have to excuse yourself, if you go outside for a cigarette, a feeling of guilt is there for every Smoker in our world since smoker became the outlaws of our new modern society. No one smokes even in the cigarette advertisements anymore in some cases they are not even allowed to advertise for their product, the warning Labels on cigarettes are very pessimistic and bigger than the brand Label. Please, do not get me wrong here, smoking is unhealthy and many studies show that, but more to that later. What I mean to say is, how often have you been seeing someone because of inhalation of smoke that this Person was hugging a street lamp or kissing a chair or peeing in front of the Restaurants Window while being watched by the guests with a surprised facial expression while the releasing persons just looks with a relieved and relax face into the window and the faces back without being aware of his or her doing. Yes, okay a drunken smoker. But just smoking does not make you lose control of your capabilities to speak, eat, talk, walk and other physical and mentally abilities. Not counting in the sportive activities for the moment.
Smoking just makes you physically sick and the people around you.
If you do not smoke, people have understanding for that and will not ask you for the reason, why you don’t smoke. It is a different Topic if it’s about drinking alcohol. If you say you don’t drink alcohol, three thoughts come up immediately: Either you are an EX-alcoholic or Pregnant or something is wrong with you. If you are an Ex-alcoholic or you are pregnant you are excused. If none of these two reasons are suitable for you, than you have a problem, you are an outsider with a strong will, because there are maybe some people in the round who will always try to seduce you and tell you, that you can drink one at least, which means once accepting one drink, the next one follows with the argument that you cannot stand on one leg long as well. But if you have a strong mind, you will stand firm and not drink a bit, which speaks for you mind control, and as longer the evening goes and as more the others around you drank, the more you feel to be an outsider. While the others in your round understand each other better and better and socialize with every Glass, you cannot follow their conversation anymore.
Alcohol brings us in most of the cases closer together, in good or bad, and with the influence of alcohol we easily overview irritations, we would have seen without alcohol in the opposite of us. That also explains, why in some cases some men and women have sexual intercourse, which can only been explained like that.
Without alcohol the civilization we know today would not been exist. Without alcohol the mass of diversity creations by human reproduction would not be possible to imagine. While imagination one of the key factors here is. How often have we seen people, there we asked ourselves who did that and why? If I may bring a small discourse here, that is also the reason for having more dimmed light in the bedroom than in the other rooms, to leave space for imaginations. We all learn as children already, things are not always as they seem or we think they are, and further in live we always been sadly reminded of that.
Alcohol and Sex with the other opposite Gender or todays whatever one prefers like, same sex, furniture, cars, magazine, animals or also common with oneself. Imagination seems to be endless if it comes to this Topic. If it comes in choosing the right sexual intercourse partner we go back to our basic instinct. We smell the other Gender like an animal does.
What we smell is the sweat of the other opposite. This firstly may not seem very attractive and I would just like to bring in another fact that fresh sweat does not smell. What we smell are the pheromones of the other opposite. To smell these pheromones we have the nasal organ which is located in our nose and is a small little bulb not bigger than a pimple than we are fourteen, just internal instead of external.
This little thing can smell if the other one is carrying the suitable DNA to mix with ours. This would be the person we should reproduce with. We all know this feeling if we pass by someone, who we cannot stand to smell at all, it’s quite certain, that we will not have any sexual intercourse with this person, even alcohol reach there its limits in some cases. The Doses of alcohol needed for that, must be in a narcotic level to create even the lowest chance for this.
The reason for this hidden ability of us is quite simple. It’s the old fight against mankind’s oldest enemy: Bacteria’s, because if the other sexual intercourse partner has the suitable DNA to mix with ours, we would create a stronger and resistant new generation against our old enemy the bacteria.
So if you are next time in the bus or in the subway, close your eyes, and go there your nose leads you to, the person with the best smell is the right one to reproduce with. If you land by some incident at the same sex, check inside yourself one more time what you really want!
We know now that sweat carries pheromones, and this is the way to have sexual intercourse with someone, someone because it does not mean that this is a good person to live with or good in bed or wherever you practice, it’s just about healthy and strong offspring. So why do we wash and spray all kind of things on our body not to smell like ourselves? In the old middle ages it was unhealthy to wash yourself and as dirtier you are as more attractive you will be to the other Gender. This is in parts till today like that, just not from the hygienic perspective.
In the middle age of our time, the people only had a bath maybe every three months and only the rich and wealthy had actually a bathroom which was just a wooden bath tub with some linen over it to not get some splinter in your buttocks. It was regarded as more healthy and resistant to diseases if you do not wash yourself that often. There was also the time that via the introduction of underwear, the washing was reduced to the hands, feet and face, since the dirt and sweat could be remove by changing the underwear. These believes are still alive in some areas today. This was the best time for reproduction of humankind, so many pheromones in the air. Perfume and make up was used by the rich and wealthy to cover the crust as it does in many cases today as well.
Today it would not be enough to just change the underwear daily to have the chance to reproduce; this is equally correct for men and women. It’s not necessary to spray all kind of perfumes most people are already happy if the opposite washed him or herself. If we talk today about that we like it dirty, it’s not always meant that we enjoy partners with dirty fingernails and with a body texture which reminds you of the landscape of a swamp, we more enjoy the playing with fantasies which we do not dare to speak out but always want to do. We want to go to the edge of sexual ability’s.
The Problem, everyone has different fantasies and that makes it complicated to realize them. Today we wash ourselves daily or at least before we meet other people we like or want that they like us. Interesting is also to know what is actually in perfume, pheromones from Animals. In Moshes as an example is the anal liquid of the moshes Ochs.
Let me summarize this, we are ashamed to smell like humans and believe that we are more attractive to the other Gender if we smell like a Ochs out of the ass? That would actually explain why no woman gets distracted by that, compare to the promises in the advertisements, but maybe a cow would! So watch out when you are next time on the farm in a cow stall!
No matter what perfume you are using, you would never cover or fool the nasal organ. So what to do, to get your DNA distributed in a club or pub full of smells, mixed with alcohol influence? They believe is common that alcohol makes women easier going for a sexual intercourse. Men mostly believe that, cause if men drink more and more they are getting more relaxed and their vision gets a bit blurry which the brain balance out with additional positive add on, who are just like Photoshop, not the original image. For women it’s different, they are still with every glass certain that this guy is not the Top of the Pops, but as more it’s after 12:00 am, she doesn’t bother. So if you are not by 4:00 am with a female in bed or other places you prefer, take what you can get!
Human reproduction is not different from the reproduction we know from animals, the purpose of having sex is not fun, it’s a duty for the preservation of mankind.
Yes, to make it short. Thanks to alcohol and pheromones we all exist. So next time you drink an alcoholic liquid, take a swallow and are super thankful that you exist!
Alcohol is a fascinating Topic, because Humans under alcohol show so many faces and actions, no one can even imagine. Maybe that’s why Nostradamus could predict future events as many believe, since it’s proven that Nostradamus took drugs to open his vision. How else can you explain the weird words in his predictions of the future which could be made fit for nearly all things what would happen since they have not been quite exactly with time, Date or Names, but we still discuss about Nostradamus visions as he really knew something. This is an usual thing with humans under Alcohol influence. They also talk and do things without knowing sometimes the Name or the Time and Date they have met someone the night before. Sometimes this short Memory of the night before is also a protection. The Mind makes us believe that the night before was not that bad and deletes all negative experiences or make them blurry or a bit pink. For men its mostly like that, they meet next day or later and talk about what for a headache they had and that this hot woman in that dress she really was gorgeous and wild, yes we could have had her. What they cut out is that they been totally drunk, could not pronounce a word correctly, but felt so confident and great. They also deleted that the “hot woman” was a transvestite, but even he was not interested to go with these drunken guys who anyway would not be able to get into anywhere at that night.
It’s true; the eyesight of men under alcohol rapidly reduces. Our eyes anyway are lying all the time. They are closing ten times a minute for a second, but still send a picture to the cerebrum (Brain) that they saw everything the whole time. No matter what Nose or ears say, the Eyes have the last say and the Brain believes them more than the other senses. Another fact is that we do only see actually with a one millimeter big objective at the end of our Eyeball, which makes it more understanding that if this vision is already so small, how will it be under alcohol influence with a tunnel vision, so it’s no wonder that men see with their eyes more and more beautiful women then there actually are. The ears say, she really got a very deep voice for a woman, and the hands say the vagina seems a bit different but the eyes, what the hell it looks good, go ahead!
For woman it’s different. Alcohol does not change their accurateness about knowing who is Top to reproduce and who is not. Why then women go away with a guy who is definitely not belonging to the Top of his Gender and Species?
Alcohol does as mentioned not changed the awareness of the women and the Result of her careful scan. But alcohol and time helps the not proper and fit men, because as more it’s after 12 pm the more the women does not care about it. So it comes to before believed impossible unifications between two not proper and fitting people. The next Morning will be for one participated side a wake up with horror, for the other one a big win he will tell his friends till his death, but if a man made a mistake like that and took a ugly woman along, because there is no not fitting woman for man, since it always fits somehow, he will just say thank you and leaves as soon as possible and try’s to forget about it, and he will. Men can control their Cerebrum and the memory in there very well, if it is necessary.
But it’s important to know something here, if you want to use alcohol as support to overcome missing attributes, you need to know a few things as well.
• Don’t make the women so drunk that she feels sick, because if you under this condition still can get her to sexual intercourse with you, it might end with a sea sick person on your Bed and an experience you would like to forget after all kind of Body liquids mixing on you and your Bed sheet.
• Don’t make them drunk in a hurry, women know anyway why you are nice to them, but they don’t like to be pushed or that you think you need to make them drunk to go to bed with you.
• Never ask them in the Bar or public loudly openly if they would go with you to have sexual practice. They generally refuse it, since they are the decision makers. Not you. You have to approach them, but to have sexual intercourse; it’s their call, not yours. If she is willing to go for a walk with you or eat something small somewhere, it’s mostly a go. So be patient, kiss her before you drop her off the taxi, bus or any other transportation. If she kisses you, you can ask her if she wants to come with you, if she says; “but only sleeping, okay?!” You just say yes. If you don’t get lucky at her or your place, I am sorry, but no one can help you anymore.