Ejaculatio Praecox or Men Fast Sex

This Chapter in Latin is about why men come too fast while having Sex, or in medical Terms Coitus Interruptus. First of all, a man can have an orgasm in three to five minutes, and this is normal. Of course men love to brag how long they can do it, but yes it can be longer and much longer than this, but this depends on different factors, like what kind of woman. No, of course not only, but the woman is a key factor in this, if she makes the wrong move, she should not complain at all!
But there are some serious Illnesses, in medicine we differentiate the Ejaculatio Preacox in prior and secondary.
The Prior appears already with the first sexual experiences of a man, so with other words in his puberty. Symptoms are that he cannot control to come while masturbating or while having sex with a partner, so he comes too fast. Some Scientist in the Netherlands gave Test couples a Stopwatch, or better say gave the woman the Stopwatch. You can imagine that this gives a man less pressure to perform well. So the Result was that, men with Ejaculatio Praecox came after one minute and eighty percent of the men came after thirty seconds. Maybe a bit fast, but time is relative as Albert Einstein already proved, so it’s not the matter what number is standing on the Stop watch, it’s about how long it felt.
For men with the start of forty years, they might have problems to get their Phallus fully hard, so that they need to stimulate the Phallus more, which leads to a faster ejaculation. Cause of all these issues a man can get depressive, because he thinks that he is not a real man, since he cannot satisfy his Partner and that leads to more pressure and worsens the Problem.
Most men who have this Problem try to cure themselves and try all kind of things to come not that fast like, thinking of something else, which makes the Partner uncomfortable, if you look bored around, moving in and out without looking at her. The response is clear, to your problem you get even more from the so sensitive woman: “Seems like your mind is somewhere else, maybe with someone else. You don’t love me anymore. I am not attractive anymore.” And she is crying or shouting at you. You should talk open with her about your Issue and, since women love to be understanding and sometimes want to see a man helpless, you will maybe get what you need, no talking and thinking of something else makes it worse, than rather come faster than losing for both of you the fun in having sexual intercourse.
You can try together breathing techniques like take a deep slow breath in and slowly out, that will reduce your stress and you sex live. That also guarantees that you will not come too fast, more not at all. Sexual Intercourse is nothing to think or time to meditate, just to feel!
So what will help in case of the secondary Case to use maybe Viagra or other Pill which includes the active substance Sildenafil citrate, which mainly is being bought from China? But ask your Doctor if you can use it without Problem, since it also got some Side effects, having a hard Phallus for hours can be a real problem, especially taking to early or if you have to go just to the Restroom, it’s not easy to handle a hard Phallus without messing up the bathroom and then clean with this hard thing the bathroom. All of a sudden you realize that there is a reason, why he is most of a time, what a surprise, and soft and dangling around, if he wasn’t, men would not be able to walk properly. That’s the next side effect, don’t go out after taking it or call the Room Service, you might could get arrested, of course depending on the Country you live in.
Other Effects are bloating which is also not great and could spoil the atmosphere if it all of a sudden smells like on train Toilette, if you have this Problem, always do it in a public Toilette to cover these events, also brings maybe some more excitement into your live.
Viagra also could cause Headaches and Tunnel vision, which is while having sexual intercourse positive and keeps you focused without distraction on what matters to you.
Instead of going for pills, you can also first try to train yourself again, while taking more time while you masturbate. Enjoy yourself and plan it well, put the Tissue Box next to you, turn on a Candle Light and massage yourself gently, don’t watch any Movie or if you are old Style masturbator, no Magazines or Pictures. Just close your eyes and feel, listen to your Body.
I should not watch these meditation DVD’s anymore, has a bad affect.
To change while having sexual intercourse the position can help, but also can reduce the feeling for both, you have to find the right position for both of you.
You have to train your Phallus, and please listen now carefully Ladies to your Surprise it is the Brain, which controls the Phallus of a man, not as always said the other way around. That is way you have to teach your brain again, when to come and when not, because via experiences the nerves change and memorize routine actions. So the cause for coming super-fast is cause of the switching errors in the vegetative nervous system and the Parasymphatikus makes sure that the Level of excitement gets higher and higher, if the highest Level reached the Symphatikus closes the Bladder sphincter and opens the sphincter of the urethra, so the Orgasm comes out and five hundred million Sperms Cells break free. So all this having nothing to do with the woman who is lying there, so if he says he comes so fast, because you are so hot, it’s wrong, even with a ugly woman he takes same time, if he does not come at all, or not even getting an erection, maybe you are too ugly. In this case the question is what did you give him, that he came with you?
So to overcome your Coitus Interruptus, you need to train how you can enjoy with mind and Phallus, to reach your Personal Goal 6 minutes or 10 minutes that’s already more than enough, don’t pleasure the women too much, or they get used to it, so take your Time. Men without Partner can only train with restrictions, so be gentle and nice to your Phallus, he is the only one you have.
One more sentence to the prior Case of Ejaculatio Praecox; medical science does not know much yet about it, but agreed to it that it is a bio psycho social phenomenon. I think that is not arguable.
After all the facts and ejaculation help and only focusing on the men’s problems, while the Ladies again will giggle and say typical men with their small issues. Firstly it’s not a small Issue and size is relative and changes from the point of View, secondly if a man would make fun like that of the orgasm problems of women, you would hang him right away for that and put Viagra underneath so that the pole does not break. At third point, a man got in ninety-nine percent an orgasm while having sexual interaction, no matter with who, while you Ladies……..
Anyway, let’s have a look at the Ladies and help them with their small Issues!