What is Love finally explained

Today we chose our Partner cause of love at least that is the ideal we believe in. That was not always like that, since we just have this romantic image of love and partnership just since the 18th century, before we had little to say who we will make love too and when, because other, so called relatives who wanted the best for us choose the partner we are allowed to marry, but somehow it was not always just for the good for us, it was in many cases in the favor of our relatives. Before some female activist claims that it was so against Women all these arranged marriages, than I would like to point out that not only women suffered, also the men, because they also not always got what they wanted. In unhappy marriages cheating were very common but to be caught doing this could be very bad for the woman, yes okay, women had it a bit more badly at that time.
Why did it still work out at that time, because from our perspective it is totally wrong, cultures that still having arranged marriages are for us ancient and not fitting in our so developed and enlightened world? But it still works. Why I say that, because it is scientifically proofed, Love comes with many contacts and together experienced positive Events, also personal and cultural experience have their impact before we love someone of course, but the first thing we need are again the pheromones which tell us if the suitable DNA for us.
But of course the outlook is important, women should have full lips (Face) and a symmetric Figure, these attributes would promise strong and healthy offspring, as well a high Level of sex hormones.
Men should be reliable with a good social economical standing, since this is important for the rearing. You can see here that all the issues of the Wish list of a woman today are missing, since nature here again just focus on the important things, and socks in a corner, shaving, being faithful, good looking, can cook and cleans the dishes after meal are not essential for the survival of the Species. Nature leaves that to the individual couple to use energy on these Topics and continues focusing on the important stuff.
But before getting to my Theory of why arranged marriages still work, lets first have a look at the different kind of Love we should differentiate; the love between mother and child and the romantic love.
We look first on the romantic love as we call it, which in most cases have nothing to do with romance as you will see, sorry Ladies, Science is very straight forward.
To understand my theory you have to first know how love comes to us and where love actually is happening, in our Head.
What happens when we fall in love is a numerous of neurotransmitter moving in our Body. We all know about testosterone and estrogen, but we miss the other ones who are the cause to get there, till it’s getting physical and desperate.
We meet someone in a club, the first thing we notice are his or her dancing skill and Form of the Body, we go closer for a proper check up and start to smell the other person like dogs do as well, to figure out the other one, in some cases quite exactly like Dogs, in Dance Clubs as an example, since you have to come closer in a rhythmic moving way, and to communicate verbally you need to come super close to understand or act you understand what the other person says to you, mostly the answer comes with a smile or a turning around by the other person, depending on the interest and suitable smell, since via these loud music it makes it possible to come close to the other Gender to take a deep breath of the Pheromones. So that the other person turns away or comes closer, does not have anything to do with what you said. You could just say: “Hi!” and the effect would be the same, maybe also better than trying to say something smart or special, just “Hi” is plain and good for the start. The reason why the other side maybe agrees is just your smell outlook and estimated Social economic Status if you are a man, and if you are a woman and approached the guy just comes closer, cause of your full Lips and symmetric Figure and maybe the fact that you came to him and look like an easy target for him, but that is not scientifically proven.
While you two are busy trying to look like professional Dancer your Thalamus is filtering in your prefrontal Cortex, which feelings should be saved on the hard drive. For who is not knowing what I am talking about, this is in the Brain or also called Cerebrum. But it moves on, the Hypothalamus send chemical Messengers out, while the limbic system is responsible for the first feelings of familiarity and the falling in love.
While you start slightly touching each other and smile like horses with Overbite, other Neurotransmitter guide dopamine and others forward, cause of the teasing of the nervous system, caused by the touching of the reachable skin of each other.
If you two continue the body will send out Adrenalin and you get nervous and maybe get wet at your hands and other body parts. It also makes your Heart beat faster, which you believe is a special sign for that is now the moment you waited for. Thanks to Serotine you will have the Happy feeling and to now get to the final stage we all are waiting for, the body needs to raise the Level of estrogens and testosterones so that we getting desperate to get something into the other or get something in. But it been noted that in some cases everything is over before that happens, and the man feels bad and the woman says it’s okay, but actually is frustrated, and regrets that she left with the wrong guy. The chances of a second chance are as low as finding Water in the Desert, except you can manage it in the same night right after, to make up for it. Then it would be taken as a super excitement fast shot in History. If not, wear back your clothes, shake hands with each other and leave the place of disappointment!
In Case all went fine and he or she does not leave right after the Mission is completed for him or her with the Sentence: “I have an early Breakfast meeting.” You can have with him or her Breakfast, and if you still see each other after that again and again, Nor Adrenalin helps you to get in this Blind fresh Lover Feeling that everything is possible and you can do it. It keeps the mood up and it’s stimulating the Hormones of the Hypothalamus, which sends out the faithful Hormones Oxytocin and Vasopressin.
These two are also the base of the Mother Child love and Oxytocin is also in the mother milk, which makes both happy and comfortable while the little one is sucking at her Nipples. Before some men get the wrong impression, if you do the same to a woman, it might has the opposite reaction if not done right and she is not yet stimulated enough, except she is having Breast Milk, than enjoy Drinking!
As you can see, love is all about stimulating the right bio chemical reactions, nothing to do with romance, but what romance actually means is to stimulate with actions, words and care these chemical processes.
That’s why also an arranged marriage can still work after sometime, because if we are forced to be with someone so close the whole time out of anti-feelings arising pro feelings if the other one just does some small things for us, and out of this more grows. At the end with physical interaction and more familiarity love will step up and out of an arranged marriage a marriage with the same love than other marriages appears.
Of course it will disappear like in every other Marriage if one side or both stop stimulating their Hormones.
Also said, who keeps his hand in a relationship to long just with him or herself, should not wonder if the partner is gone with someone else!