There a positive and negative thinking Vegetarian, the positive vegetarian gets up every day and say: “I love animals, and will today not eat any again!” The negative Vegetarian says: “I hate vegetables, and I will exterminate as much as possible today.”
There are also differences about female and male vegetarian, the female vegetarian will bring to work or school some well-prepared sticks of carrots, cucumber and radish. The Male vegetarian will eat all the side dishes in the canteen, like Potatoes and peas and Carrots with Tofu Sausages.
But why do some people believe that vegetarian live healthier, especially the vegetarian themselves? Why did nature make us an omnivorous animal, if we end up eating only plants and beans? It will be a shocking fact for some vegetarian, but also for meat lover, that we need to eat both, meat and vegetable, because we are made for it and our body needs it. Our developed brain could grow, because of the starting of eating meat, since it is easier to gain access to protein which is needed for the development of the Brain. The Human race started scientifically proven 3.3 Million years ago to eat meat and developed bigger brains, which are still needed sometimes even today, even having all these devices who take over the memory and the thinking.
Three point three million years ago with other words, our Ancestors gave up living mainly on vegetables and berries and focused more on meat, which help them grow a bigger brain. So thanks of the change of their eating habits we can write and read this today and our invented technology can annoy us frequently, without a developed brain and meat, we would not even realize that, if this is an achievement or not everyone can answer by him or herself.
We need the proteins from the meat, to produce energy for our body and the muscle and cell building; we need to eat a lot more mushrooms, nuts and cereal to gain the same amount of protein, as we gain from eating meat. Vegetarian can keep up with meat eater or people who eat vegetable and meat in balance, which is the evolutional way, because only by the ability to eat everything, we could adapt to all kind of Regions in the world. Some Animals are a good example, since if their environment with food supply changes, they would distinct, because you cannot tell the Seadog, sorry fish is out, please eat from now on Penguins, but we Humans could eat a penguin if needed, or just feel like having a penguin today. That is adaption of the environment in a blink of an eye, that is why we are so many today and are nearly everywhere on this planet. Because we can eat and digest nearly everything to fill our stomach, the proof gives many worldwide active Food Chains for this.
To make clear at this point, yes we also can just be vegetarian if we need to for moral, ethical or social reasons. I personally respect that, if someone decides for moral and ethical reasons not to eat Meat, but not for social reasons, like some also do, so that you have to buy extra for these people some Tofu Sausages when you invite them for the Barbecue. But the worse is, you invite friends to Dinner home and they bring their new boy or girlfriend, and then this new boy or girlfriend tells you they cannot eat the potatoes even, because they came too close to the dead oxidized sliced Animal on the plate. One of the Moments in your life you want to get over fast, while you leave your anger on the vegetables on the cutting board, imagine the head of the person sitting in the dining room, who forced you after preparation of a nice Dinner to prepare for him or her an not planned extra dish, since you want to be good tolerant Host. Is it too much to warn in advance, if you are a vegetarian or have some Food Allergy to inform the Host and Cook, if you are privately invited for Dinner or other gatherings with food involved?
I believe these people just need attention, to be special treated.
In our modern world we have serious problems because of the wrong nutrition, resulting of our way of living, working and eating, which leaded to the modern diseases and allergies today, since we sit in the office and move lesser and differently, so our need of nutrition has changed and we need to adapt our eating habits. But we eat too much of one source and at the same time too less of another source, which creates an unbalance. There are different believes and approaches how to eat well balanced to satisfy the needs of our body and lifestyle and cultural environment. Nothing is really proven, only that we have to be an omnivorous Human animal.
To life healthy in our food ways connected world, there we can eat food from around the world in the so called industrial Countries for small money, and the food production is also industrialized, is a challenge, since we don’t hunt the food down personally or plug it ourselves of the ground we know.
We have no choice than to believe and trust in the honest Food Producing Industry, knowing that vegetables are been infested of pesticide and other chemicals and meat is full of antibiotics and sedatives.
Who still gets mad and upset about that just eats to much vegetable.
I also would like to destroy some believe that vegetarian live longer than Meat eater. The Surveys have been done with vegetarian, vegan and moderate vegetarian (who eats also sometimes fish and meat), which is in my eyes a very moderate kind of vegetarian, have been come to the Result that the differences are very little and means with other words, something which we would not have been able to realize without this scientifically survey on 1,904 people over a timeline of twenty one years, that who lives healthy lives longer, no matter if he is a vegetarian, vegan, moderate Vegetarian or a Meat Terminator.
A surprising Result to all of us, so just make sure you get all the nutrition you need from the Food Source of your choice and get happy with it and enjoy it. Forcing a Steak or a Salad leaf into you with a disgusting face makes you not healthier.