The Dry Vagina

First of all, the Female Vagina is always wet, which will surprise some men now, since they believe they are needed for that purpose, but sorry guys, you are not. The Liquid which keeps the Vagina smooth is called Flour Genitals and protects the Vagina of Pathogens. It is a milky white color liquid. The Liquid produces a vaginal discharge of two to five gram, which is to explain for some male readers the reason why women even not having their ovum explosion time, have to wear thin panty liners. Male Motorbike drivers know what it means to have a wet panty, not a very nice feeling, but Females at least realize it. Male Motorbike Drivers only than it’s too late and it’s more the five gram.
A dry Vagina makes women easier affected for infections and Inflammations. A color change of the Liquid can be the result of inflammations. This leads to the loss of the Libido of the woman and pain while having sexual intercourse. She will have a burning feeling and also itching feeling which is in that case not good.
So guys now listen up! How to make a Vagina wet: Via local physical and psychological sexual stimulation, yes remember the biggest sexual organ of a woman are not her Boobs, it’s her brain, and sometimes also in measurements. Via the right professional stimulation by the man, the other woman or object the blood circulation of the Vagina will be increased. That is important, because the Vagina, surprise does not have own glands. This liquid which will be produced like that is called Transudate, for the interested parties of you. The Transudate will be pressed out of the blood from pores like cleaves into the tissue. (Transudation)
For a smooth gliding process the bartholinischen and skeneschen pores in the vagina atrium, send out a top up, which is the lubrication.
Like that in just seconds the Liquid Level in the Vagina tripled. As you can see, not just men are ready in seconds to move it, also women are.
But what is the reason for a dry Vagina? In most cases it’s a lack of blood circulation, the Menopause which reduces estrogen production, unbalance of the hormones. In this case we talk of the vagina atrophy. The skin will be also more vulnerable and can crack and tear easily. This can also happen especially while pregnancy and Lactation time, also hormones based contraceptive methods can cause the dryness. The list is long and also psychological reasons can be the fault for the Libido loss of a women, same like for a men, which can be caused of scares, stress, nervous, so same like for a man, but also strong reasons like Trauma, sexual abuse and mistreatment and also a strict sexual raising.
With other words it’s not always the man with a problem, against common believe if it comes to the Libido and sexual interaction, also the women has similar problems, sometimes even self-made, with extreme intimacy hygienic. Ladies, soap have nothing to do in this Area down there, the Vagina has a very well self-balanced cleaning system, and normal water and a neutral wash lotion for the outer side to clean in a gentle way is more than enough. Think about what comes in there, and how dirty this thing can be, sometimes you have even no idea where it all have been before, so your Vagina can deal with all that dirt, so no worries!
But Guys, please do not think that you are out of responsibility now, not all women with very dry eyes, mouth and dry vagina have the Sjoergen Syndrome and you should check if she is sick, it could be also that she cried her eyes out cause of you again and you again have not realized it.
Best for you all his to avoid dry sexual intercourse, no nicotine, alcohol, no tampon, glide crèmes, hormone free medication who helps against the dry vagina, baby oil (but don’t combine them with condoms) and if you are in your menopause, more sexual intercourse. Yes, that is correct more sexual intercourse and extend your sexual stimulation phase use phantasies which turn you on more, this can help to get your Libido and Vagina back on track.
So let’s go!