One third of all men kiss well. Another third is capable of learning. The rest is hopeless and should be ignored and left aside.
But what is a good kiss?
If you kiss to loud you produce too much liquid and waking up the parents. If you bite too hard or pressing the lips too much without stimulating enough dopamine, any further steps will end here already.
Most men believe that wild movement with the tongue in the mouth of the opposite is a great kiss. For a great technical correct tongue kiss seventeen muscles are needed. Who kiss a lot can live up to five years longer scientist have found out. So kiss for your life!
Who wants to live forever?
But why are we kissing actually? Today scientist believe that the kiss comes from the old mouth to mouth feeding another theory believes that kissing comes from the oral phase of the child back, which the satisfaction feeling be done via the mouth and of course we also have very sensitive nerves in our lips which also stimulates for more physical body contact. But in some cultures, they do not do the bacteria exchange for the immune system, like in the Arctic, they do the nose Kiss, which you can also see a lot with young lovers who are rubbing their noses at each other.
It’s not just the physical act, it’s also the sign and feeling to belong to someone, a group like a family, because we all know that kissing is just for the people we really like or love. A Prostitute in most cases will not let you kiss her on the mouth but she let you have sexual intercourse with her that means that we believe kissing is more important to us, even a small one, than giving someone our complete body to touch and get even inside.
But why do we also close our Eyes while we kiss each other? In some cases maybe not to see what is in front of us but that is actually a reflex, since if an object comes to close to our eyes we close them for protection reasons, also the senses are more concentrated on the actual kissing event without visual and the Brain can and have to concentrate only on these information. It is also not so nice if you look with open eyes the whole time over the shoulder of your partner or get a close up on his or her nose. If you have your eyes open or look somewhere else the other one will realize that, because you are not fully concentrated on what you should be, kissing her or him with tons of passion, and if you are a man and don’t try to run your hand all over the women while kissing her or at least trying, if you don’t do that, she might think you want to play good guy or you are not a man. So don´t disappoint her and run your hand in all possible areas!
Another big Issue is the first Kiss and what a man thinks and what the woman thinks before, while kissing and after. A woman has already thought about all possibilities of a relationship, Marriage Kids and which color the curtains should have in your new home together. A man just asks himself while kissing the Lady just one thing: Sex now, later or never? With a Kiss his hopes rise to get into the panty of the Lady, if he does not mess it up. Kissing for a man means checking borderlines, how far can I go, where am I permitted to touch?
The women is totally in charge in that matter, if and where else you are allowed to go. If she is really interested in fun for the night, she will go along, if she is not she will let you just kiss and hold her, all other areas are totally restricted and enter the zone will lead to termination of any possible sexual intercourse. How to figure that out, try one time carefully nicely and move down her waist and butt, if this is okay, half a point, the ultimate test is further higher on her body, go sideways along, not too direct, if that’s a go! Full points! Move her, if not already to a location with more comfort! But do not say, come on let’s do it or something like that, don’t make her look cheap or like you just want to use her for fun, the Ladies want to still feel special, no one wants to be a number. I mean that counts for a woman mainly exceptions are a rare case. For men it is only a matter, if they are in a serious relationship from their point of view, for fun they do not care of these Numbers, as longest it happens for them.
Kissing is the start of intimacy, so preserve it for that and don’t make it a cheap nothing, or measurements getting more difficult.
So best close your eyes, while kissing and only open them if you need them to open the complicated Locking system of her Bra!